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The Brask Collection meets Willumsen

September 9th. 2017 – February 18th. 2018

There will be an explosion of colour and narrative when J.F. Willumsen’s paintings, sculptures, prints and ceramics are joined by works from the Danish art collector Jens-Peter Brask’s impres­sive collection of Danish and American contemporary art in the exhibition “The Brask Collection meets Willumsen”. Visitors can see works by among others Christian Lemmerz, Olafur Eliasson, Alexander Tovborg, John Kørner and Jesper Dalgaard as well as the New York-based artists Eddie Martinez, Ella Kruglyanskaya and Mira Dancy.

Intense colours, expressive figures and a wildly imaginative universe characterize the exhibited works, and Willumsen’s particularly modern idiom emerges clearly in dialogue with contemporary art.

The exhibition will be shown in the yellow building.